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A blend of traditional Ayurveda treatments for modern day Ailments
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Restore your health and well-being in the pristine lap of mother nature
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We are bringing genuine Ayurveda for contemporary needs science with modern facilities.
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Welcome To

SBG Ayurvedic Hospital

A well-established Multi-Specialty 60 bedded Ayurveda Hospital is located in the heart of Belgaum city in an area of 10acres.

The principal motto is medical, surgical and Nursing Service to the patients and its central concern is the life and health of the patients. Our well-equipped hospital is providing excelling medical facilities to all patients and helps them recuperate in the calm and peaceful ambiance of our medical Centre We have medical and paramedical staff to attend to the patients and provide them with specialized medical care.

Our Speciality

Specialty Medicine with Commitment, Compassion, and Care


Kayachikitsa OPD


Shalya Tantra OPD

Prassoti & Streeroga OPD


Panchakarma OPD


Kaumarbhritya OPD


Shalakya Tantra OPD (Eye & Ent)


Swastavritta & Yoga OPD

In Patient Department (IPD)

Specialty Medicine with Commitment, Compassion, and Care

Spectial Wards

Special Wards

semi wards

Semi Private Wards

General Ward

General Wards

A List of Available Treatments

Specialty Medicine with Commitment, Compassion, and Care


Agnikarma | Leech Therapy

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Panchakarma Theatre




Patra Pinda Sweda




vamana Karma (Emesis Therapy)




Shalya Tantra Departments


Tarpana Karma For Eye

Operation Theatre

Specialty Medicine with Commitment, Compassion, and Care

Major Ot

Major OT

Minor OT

Minor OT

Labor Room

Labor Room


Operative Procedure


Operative Procedure

What Our Patients Says

SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital


Thank you Dr Vinita mam for the hair Treatment you gave, it has really helped me in many ways, firstly my hair fall has reduced upto 90% , my hair are really looking so healthy ,the volume of my hair has increased.I am really sooo happy , Thankyou very much.


I had hairfall past few years then one of my friend recommended Dr vinita of SBG AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL, so I visited her and took treatment for hairfall....now am really happy that my hairfall has almost stopped. Thank you Dr vinita.

Laxman Badiger

I Had severe low back pain ,i got to know about SBG Ayurvedic hospital by my friend then i visited and met Dr Ashwath, who advised me to take Panchakarma treatment i was admitted for it and after 8days of treatment my pain was reduced to 90% . Thank you sir

Rekha shinge

I and my husband were planning for a baby , after 2 years of marriage were we were counsulting we got to know that there is tubal block and the doctor said you cant conceive ,later we planned to take opinion in ayurveda so we approached Dr Anita at SBG Ayurvedic Hospital were madam assured us and we started taking treatment and now i am happy that after 6months of treatment my tubal block is open ,Thank you so much madam

sonali Nayak

I had heamorrioids and i consulted many doctors the same complaint but there was no relief then i came to know about ayurvedic treatment for haemorroids so I consulted Dr. Manjula Madiwalar at SBG Ayurvedic Hospital Belagavi doctor advised me to undergo ksharasutra treatment by which my heamorrioids is completely cured and now i am alright

Anju Hubalikar

I had very severe hair fall , my hair condition was very bad , hair loss treatment at your hospital is very good . I got very good results, and special thanks to Dr vinita for treating me


I was suffering from irregular periods for which i consulted Dr Naziya at SBG Ayurvedic Hospital Belagavi,were i was told to undergo scanning and later i got to know that i have Cysts in my ovaries so doctor gave me medicine by which my periods are regular now