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“Ayurveda is an ancient science of Indigenous medicine; it is special in respect that it is not only a medical science but an art of living in human being.”

This is the first and the most important Department of Ayurveda, Also known as Basic principles. This department is concerned with the basic principles of Ayurveda which are described in classical texts i.e. Ayurveda Samhita.

This department includes: ❑ Sanskrit ❑ Padarth Vigyan ❑ Astanga hridaya ❑ History of Ayurveda ❑ Charak purvardha ❑ Charak uttarardha

Our department has a well-qualified teaching and non-teaching staff.

Samhita Siddhanta Staff

sbg doctor

Dr. S. V. Gaddihallishetty


Dr Balasab Vidhate

Associate Professor

Mrs Suvarna B

Sanskrit Lecturer

Dr Shahataj



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

About-Kriya sharir department deals with the functional configuration of the Human Body in a normal state. Students are introduced to basic Ayurvedic concepts like Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, Agni, Prakruti, Atma, Maria, etc.
Facilities & Infrastructure.

Kriya Sharir Lab & Museum: We have well furnished & sophisticated laboratory with all the tools required. Our museum comprises several Models and Charts that depict the physiology of the human body. Practical hall has the facility of modern teaching aids for better understanding of subject to students.

Activities: Students get exposed to various instruments and equipment required to conduct physiological practicals.

Kriya Shareera Staff

Dr. Chetan N


Dr. Ashwini Bargi



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

About-Rachana sharir stands as one of the basic departments of Ayurveda. The department deals with the structural configuration of the Human Body and covers topics like embryology, osteology, etc.

Rachana Shark Lab & Museum: We have a well-maintained laboratory and museum equipped with abundant wet specimens of different parts of the body, Models, and charts, bones articulated skeletons, and bone sets. Students get the opportunity to analyze the sectional study of different organs and preservation.

Dissection Hall
The dissection hall is Spacious with adequate lighting, exhaust fans, and washbasins. The preservation room contains 2 tanks for the storage of cadavers. Each batch of students will get a new cadaver for the dissection. The organs and other bodily parts after the dissection will be preserved and displayed in the museum.

Activities —
• Students will get the opportunity to dissect the body, and individual organs, and study bones by demonstration.
• Also students will prepare the specimen models for preservation and storage.

Rachana Shareera Staff

Dr Gaurang Paranjape


Dr Roopa H


Dr Vijaya Gavali



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

About Dravyaguna is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with the macro and micro study of herbs and animal origin medicines, their pharmacological properties, their action, and their uses in treating various diseases. It also deals with identification, morphological characters, and collection. storage and preservation of raw materials of plant and animal drugs. Facilities & Infrastructure

Dravyaguna Lab We have a well-equipped laboratory with all the sophisticated Instruments and Equipment required to conduct Practicals for students. The lab has also an audio-visual facility for teaching.

Dravyaguna Museum varieties of Dry and Wet raw samples of Herbal and Animal origin medicines & curriculum-based Charts, Models, and Specimens have been displayed in the Museum.

Jyotish Mati Herbal Garden Around 250 plants & 150 different species of herbal medicinal plants have been planted in our herbal garden with a demonstration room which will help the students for identification of Medicinal drugs and their morphological.

Activities —
• Students will be allowed to visit the herbal garden during their practical classes for the proper identification of herbal medicines.
• Asa part of the curriculum, students will be given assignments to prepare Charts, Models, and Herbarium to enhance their knowledge and skills.
• During the academic year, the Department of Dravyaguna will conduct various educational tours to Forest and Herbal Gardens for the identification and collection of Drugs.

Dravya Guna Staff

Dr Pushkar Ketkar


shipa (1)

Dr. Shilpa H



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

About Rasashastra is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with the Identification, purification, and oxidation of various Minerals, Metals, Animal origin drugs & Gemstones. Bhaishajya Kalpana deals with basic principles of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics & preparation of various Dosage forms from herbal & mineral origin drugs.

Facilities & Infrastructure
RSBK Lab & Museum Our lab is equipped with classical & modern instruments & equipment with the facility to conduct various practicals of different dosage forms. Ou r Museum has all varieties & species of herbals and minerals. Metals etc. are raw materials that help the students for proper identification of these Drugs. Different Models. Charts & specimens are displayed to enhance the knowledge of students.

Teaching Pharmacy & QC Lab We have a well-organized Teaching pharmacy equipped with all the instruments & equipment to develop various dosage forms like Churna, Tails, and Ghrita. Kashaya, Vati, etc. These forms are then tested in our Quality control lab which is equipped with several sophisticated instruments.

Activities —
• Students will be given various assignments in regards to Identification, Collection, Storage of Raw materials, and Preparation of different dosage forms.
• During the academic year, the Department of Rasashastra & BK will conduct various educational tours to reputed Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical companies to get the knowledge of Large scale production of the various classical formulation.

RSBK Staff

Dr. Arun Havinal


Dr Bhuvaneshwari H



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

About Roga Nidana deals with the concept of Etiology and Pathology of various Diseases. This Department manages the activity of the Diagnostic wing-like Laboratory etc.. which imparts theoretical as well as practical awareness in clinical examination of Patients to understanding the disease.

Facilities & Infrastructure
Rego Nidana Lab & Museum: The lab is equipped with numerous diagnostic tools and sophisticated instruments to conduct various pathological investigations. This will guide the students to improve their diagnostic skills. Museum has different pathological models, charts & organ specimens that give a thorough understanding of the pathological conditions.

Activities —
• Students will be given practical experience to conduct various diagnostic investigations.
• Students get the opportunity to interact directly with patients and carry out physical & clinical examinations.

The department deals with the subject that helps the students to know the fundamentals of a disease in terms of the cause of the disease, clinical features and pathogenesis, and the means to examine the diseased individuals and essential laboratory investigations in order to diagnose the disease.

Roga Nidana Staff

Dr. Anil Kurangi


Dr. Sagar kamble



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

Agada Tantra is one of the Ashtanga of Ayurveda, dealing with toxicology. With the advancement of health sciences, the relationship between toxins and health has been scientifically proved. Hence Agada Tantra branch becomes highly relevant in today’s context by providing better options for the management of various toxic conditions. Cumulative toxicity deals with the accumulation of poison in the body through everyday consumption of unhealthy food, unprocessed and junk foods. It becomes a mandatory measure to understand it for a better approach to management.

Aagada Tantra Staff

Dr. Manisha P


cr (1)

Dr. Anuja C



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

Swasthavritta Staff


Dr. Amruta Lad



Miss Ranjana sadekar

Yoga Instructor

IMG-20230417-WA0016 (1)

Dr Sudhir Patil



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

This branch is one of the eight aspects of natural healing since the Vedic period. It deals with the rearing and treatment of neonates, infants, and children. The department looks into improving the immunity and intellect, and overall development of a child by adopting traditional initiatives such as “Swarnamruthaprashana”.

Kaumarabhritya Staff

Dr. Amol Patil


Dr. Rajani K


Dr.Kavita sangale



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

Prasuti Tantra and Stree Roga are a specialty that deals with women’s health and the treatment of gynecological disorders. It also cares about the different phases of pregnancy and birth to beget a healthy progeny. The unique ayurvedic pre-natal, antenatal and post-natal care aims for safe delivery and healthy mother and child.

• Prasooti tantra refers to obstetrics; stree roga refers to gynecology.
• It is believed that the Ayurvedic methods or practices if followed during pregnancy, will lead to a complication-free delivery.
• Ayurveda also states the ideal guidelines to be followed during pregnancy( garbhini perikarya) and the most appropriate time of conceiving a baby(garbha Dhana paricahrya).
• A Unique protocol is described during all trimesters of pregnancy known as garbha samskara.
• We have excellent results in gynecological disorders as well

Prasooti & Streeroga Staff


Dr. Nazia K


DEPARTMENT OF Kayachikitsa

SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

Kayachikitsa is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda(ashtanga Ayurveda) that deals with general medicine. It is the first branch of Ashtanga Ayurveda which mainly deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various general health problems.

Kaya also refers to digestive fire or Agni. Ayurveda believes that imbalance caused in our digestive system is the root cause of multiple diseases. Hence, the chikitsa also involves correcting the digestive fire or Agni to restore good health.

The approach of kayachikitsa involves the complete management of body and mind. The treatment helps to establish harmony between mind, body, and soul. Kayachikitsa is used to tackle issues related to both chronic illnesses as well as common illness

Sexual health is essential part of adult procreation & recreational objective of sexual behavior may be affected due to a variety of reason in current stressful life, department of kayachikitsa provide a variety of vajikarana treatment that improves sexual performance and increased fertility rate.

Facilities and Infrastructure
• To produce globally competitive Ayurved Practitioners.
• To become a center of excellence by providing quality Education and Practical training in Ayurved Medicine.
• Health for all.
• Upholding the Authentic Principles of Ayurveda in order to propagate health of well-being worldwide.


Kayachikitsa Staff


Dr. Sameer Naik



Dr. Asha Bhat



Dr. Adivesh Arakeri



Dr. Anita Dalawai



SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

Panchakarma, the unique contribution of Ayurveda to mankind extends the therapeutic benefits equally over the preventive & promotional aspects of health & is recognized globally. The horizon of Panchakarma starts from the five intensive therapeutic modalities namely Vamana, Virechana, NiruhaBasti, Anuvasana Basti & Nasya Karma.

Facilities and infrastructure:- We have well equipped Department along with the museum to give the best practical-based knowledge.

Panchakarma Staff


Dr. Ashwini Patil



Dr. Samiuzzama Davalbhai


DEPARTMENT OF Shalyatantra

SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

The Shalya Tantra department is a distinct branch in Ayurveda. The teaching faculties of the department are experts in various Surgical and Parasurgical procedures. In the field of Ayurveda, the Shalya Tantra department is developing a new research-based tradition by conducting new works in the favor of public welfare. This department has its own OPD (General Shalya, Anorectal & Orthopedic), IPD, Minor Operation theatre (Sastra Karma, Kshara Karma, Kshara Sutra, Agnikarma & Raktamokshana Units), and Major Operation theatre
Facilities and infrastructure:-
The department is well equipped with all surgical specimens, models, teaching materials, surgical photos, and charts.

Shalyatantra Staff

Dr. Manjula M



Dr. Anuja Kitturkar


DEPARTMENT OF Shalakyatantra

SBG Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

The Shalakya Tantra is an important branch of Ayurveda dealing with the diseases situated above the clavicle concerned with the disorders of the Ear, Nose, Throat, Eye, Dental, Head, and Neck.

The Department imparts Under Graduate, education with the aim of hand-to-hand training in examination, Technical training in diagnosis and management along with a special emphasis on Ayurvedic treatment procedures like Kriya Kalpa, Nasya, Moordha tail, Eye Exercises, Basti, etc along with surgical training in the concerned field. This department is also concerned with the prevention of contagious diseases, Preventive and Promotional aspects of health, etc. in accordance with the syllabus and curriculum prescribed by the National Council for Indian System of Medicine.
Facilities and infrastructure:-
We have well equipped Department along with the museum to give the best practical-based knowledge.

Shalakyatantra Staff


Dr. Shilpa



Dr. Vinita Hirebeel