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1Journal of Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine A Comparative Clinical Study on efficacy of Bhavita Amalaki Churna and Shuddha Guggulu in adyslipidemia Dr Jyoti B Jalakoti Aug 2016A Comparative Clinical Study on efficacy of Bhavita Amalaki Churna and Shuddha Guggulu in adyslipidemiaDr Jyoti B JalakotiAug 2016
2Bulletin of Pharmaceutical and Medical ScienceButtermilk (Takra) as Elixer of EarthDr Jyoti B Jalakoti2016
3AryavaidyanAn Integrated approach towards a case of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) presented with ascitesDr. Amruta LadMay 2016
4World journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchAcute Toxicity study of processed simpshapa in wistar ratsDr Adivesh ArakeriSep 2016
5European journal of biomedical and Pharmaceutical sciencesSimpshapa drug review and its analytical understandingDr Adivesh ArakeriSep 2016
6International journal of life science researchPhysiochemical Evaluation of Sindhuvaradi Agad - A Polyherbal Ayurvedic FormulationDr Arun HavinalOct 2016
7Journal of indian system of medicine Management of Mutrasang with Ayurvedic Treatment; CaseReport”Dr ManjulaMarch 2016
8Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and YogaDevelopment and Phytochemical Evaluation of Panchavalkaladi Kashaya : A Polyherbomineral FormulationDr ManjulaSeptember 2016
9Journal of Sanskrit samhita and siddhantaChaturvidha siddhanta an understanding and applicationDr.Rajeshwari.LagatigerApril 2018
10Paryeshana International journal of ayurvedic researchUnderstanding and application of beeja chatustaya Dr.Rajeshwari.LagatigerOct 2018
11International ayurvedic medical journalA randomized clinical trial to evaluate effect of jujube base fruit leather in motion sickness with special reference fatigue and headache Dr.Rajeshwari.LagatigerAug 2018
12Ayurveda Darpana journal of indian medicineA clinical success story of ekakushta( plaque psoriasis)Dr Adivesh ArakeriMarch 2019
13Antiseptic- monthly Journal Of Medicine and SurgeryApplicability of Neti, Dhouti and Kapalbhati in Respiratory DiseasesDr Jyoti B JalakotiSep 2019
14International ayurvedic medical journal A study on manas with special reference to assess the status o fmanas in drought disaster affected people – A survey studyDr.Rajeshwari.LagatigerSep 2019
15Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and YogaYoga for Holistic MedicineDr Chetan Nimbalkar Dec 2019
16Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and YogaA Clinical Study on Effect of Khadiradi Yoga with Madhu in SthaulyaDr Chetan Nimbalkar Dec 2019
17International ayurvedic medical journal (IAMJ)International ayurvedic medical journal (IAMJ)Dr. Ashwini PatilJan 2019
18Journal of Ayurveda and integrated medical sciencesSudden generalized weakness and Giddiness after administration of Lekhana basti - An unintended drug reaction.Dr. Ashwini PatilDec 2019
19lnternational journal of recent scientific researchAn effective management of vataraktha W.S.R to vericose veins- A case ReportDr AshwathNovember 2019
20Paryeshana International journal of ayurvedic researchConcept of garavisha according bhruhatrayiDr. Rajeshwari.LagatigerDec 2020
21Paryeshana International journal of ayurvedic researchManagement of Diabetic wound through Sanjeevan Chikitsa - A case studyDr Gaurang V ParanjapeJune 2020
22Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and YogaA comprehensive study on Immune system w.r.t Free Radicals and Antioxidants Dr Chetan Nimbalkar Dec 2020
23Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and YogaClinical Evaluation of Dhatri Avaleha in PanduDr Chetan Nimbalkar Dec 2020
24Annals of Ayurveda medicine Evaluation of Wound healing activity of Jatyadi Ointment and Jatyadi tailain the management of clean wound (ShuddhaVrana)- A Randomised Controlled TrialDr ManjulaDr Manjula
25European journal of Pharmaceutical and medical researchEfficacy of vamana karma in Ekakushta- A case studyDr AshwathApril 2020
26AntisepticAmalaki – The Wonder FruitDr Jyoti B JalakotiApril 2021
27Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and YogaShushruta concept of Daivavyapashraya chikitsa in Janapadadwamsa WSR Dr Chetan Nimbalkar Sep 2021
28International journal of life science and Pharma researchEfficacy of Mrudu Samvahana (Forehead Massage) over Takra Dhara (Buttermilk Dripping Therapy) in Anxiety and Stress Induced Essential Hypertension – A Randomized Clinical Trial.Dr. Ashwini PatilDr. Ashwini Patil
29Indian journal of applied researchAyurvedic management of Pakshaghata (Cerebro vascular accident) – A case reportDr. Ashwini PatilAug 2021
30Journal of Ayurveda and integrated medical sciencesA comparative clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Dashamoola Niruha Basti with Rasna Erandadi Niruha Basti in the management of Gridhrasi vis~a~vis SciaticaDr Ashwini A BargiDec 2021
31International journal of research and analytical review (IJRAR)Role of Rasayan in Geriatrics(JaraChikitsa) and Mental health ( Manasik Swastha)- An ayurvedic reviewDr Kalyani kallatti
Dr Anil kurangi
Dec 2021
32International journal Ayu Pharm chemUrticaria (Sheetapitta) and it's management through yavanadi yoga and Haridra khanda - A case ReportDr Anil kurangi
Dr Chetan Nimbalkar
Nov 2021
33Journal of AyurvedaHirayama disease - An ayurvedic approachDr AnitaSep 2021
34Annals of Ayurveda medicine Ayurveda Management of Post thrombotic syndrome associated with chronic ulcer – A case reportDr ManjulaMarch 2021
35International journal of pharmaceutical sciences and research Title: EVALUATION OF ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY OF PENTABARK KASHAYA AGAINST Dr ManjulaJuly 2021
36International journal of creative research thoughts (IJCRT)A comparative clinical study on rooksha poorvaka snigdha sweda with and without Traction in Gridhrasi (lumbar disc prolapse)Dr AshwathFebruary 2021
37International journal of biology , pharmacy and allied sciences (IJBPAS ) web of science indexed journal.
38Journal of Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine Leucas aspera Spreng (Dronapushpi): A Review Dr. Shilpa Hiremath Feb 2022
39International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma researchPHARMACEUTICO-ANALYTICAL STUDY OF VANASPATI JARITA MARITA YASHADA BHASMADr.Bhuvaneshwari H.March 2022
40International Ayurvedic Medical journalCORNEAL INJURY A case studyDr vinita HirebeelFeb 2022
41IJIR(Imperial Joural of Interdisciplinary Research)Alternative treatment of ‘AVN’ of hip joint: A case reportDr Shilpa M P
42Book publication
ISBN: 978-1-73040-617-1
A Unique treatment in Guda ParikartikaDr Shilpa M P